"Soudain je sentis se rompre le lien de la naissance... Ferveur des nuits, sommeil sacré... Sainte, ineffable, mystérieuse nuit... Plus divins que les étoiles scintillantes, nous semblent les yeux infinis que la Nuit a ouverts en nous. Leur regard porte bien au delà des astres... emplissant d'une volupté indicible l'espace qui est au dessus de l'espace."

Novalis, "Hymns To The Night"

"Nyx" is an epic musical work crafted during 4 bloody, shadowy years. To date, it is the most ambitious and lovely project I have ever completed. This edifice evoques a mythic story, the genesis of the all-mighty night goddess, with 27 theatrical and overcrowded tracks.


Also included, songs featuring the vocalist Christina Marie (BBC’s The Voice finalist - UK 2014) and her incredible talent as a performer and lyrics writer.

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